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What is Bed and Breakfast B&B - Zimmer zu vermieten

Sonjas Bed and breakfast

Bed and Breakfast is of English origin and refers to Danish 'A bed with breakfast' which is typically smaller, private room rental offering accommodation and breakfast - Rooms for rent. In Europe, B&B - Bed and Breakfast refers to a much wider range of accommodation and has replaced the old German version of a 'Guest house' - Room for rent. A B&B could refer to a guest house, a small hotel or even a private room to rent in a city apartment. Most importantly, it is most private accommodation in a private atmosphere.

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Who offers Bed and Breakfast ?

Sonjas Bed and breakfast

The private housewife who wants to rent out her child's old bedroom for Bed and Breakfast. - The city dweller whose apartment is too large for the owner, who not only retains the apartment for space for visiting friends, but also offers Bed and Breakfast for travelers. Often the use of the bathroom and kitchen is shared, especially in the larger cities. Bed and Breakfast in the more rural areas with more space, private Rooms with private bathRooms are available. Bed and Breakfast hosts are often private owners / tenants who offer a room in their own apartment. But Bed and Breakfast hosts can also be small family run guest houses, farms or holiday apartments where personal contact with the guest plays an important role. - - or take a look at this 'exciting English' B&B Bed and Breakfast

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Sonjas Bed and breakfast

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